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they broke into adobe.. and what the company is doing to keep your identity safe. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 8)) [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain. you make him rookie of the year. we took care of your cold symptoms. you take him on an adventure. tylenol® has been the number 1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever for over 20 years. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. running nats people... running for their lives... after police open fire on a suspect just steps from capitol hill. what we're learning this morning about the woman .. and who else was in the car. and... you couldn't pay me to do this. why this man says he wasn't worried... when he asked a lion for a hug! friday, october 4. queen annes county public 90 mins late. kent county public schools 1 hour late due to fog. it's only the first week of it's only the first week of october... and the first case of the flu is already confirmed here in maryland. megan gilliland is live in north baltim
of 3 million adobe customers. they say a hacker accessed customer names, credit and debt card numbers and other information related to orders. adobe is working with law enforcement on the investigation. >>> online advertisements, soon you will find them on instagram. they say they will start showing occasional photos and ads. >>> sports we have baseball, big game tomorrow and -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i look at that story, what concerns me is everybody is selling their souls in the sake of advertising. coming up next the top 5 and the sharks hockey highlights and can san jose beat the canucks. find out in sports. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> the sharks have been in existence for 21 years and never been to the stanley cup finals. that is the fifth longest drought in the nhl. down 1-2. he rips one. and the game is tied 1-1. he does a great job of planting himself. the shot from the point got through. first goal in 19 months. sharks 2-1. 3rd period. a great stick to force a turnover. the sharks win 4-1. >> i want to tell our viewers kpix 5 secured the exclusive rights. both
>>> a cyber attack exposed the credit card information of 3 million adobe customers. they say a hacker accessed customer names, credit and debt card numbers and other information related to orders. adobe is working with law enforcement on the investigation. >>> online advertisements, soon you will find them on instagram. they say they will start showing occasional photos and ads. >>> sports we have baseball, big game tomorrow and -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i look at that story, what concerns me is everybody is selling their souls in the sake of advertising. coming up next the top 5 and the sharks hockey highlights ,,d can san jose beat the progressive claims. this is flo. i need you. i feel so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service. to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new stat
at tropical storm karen. >>> hackers stole personal information of millions of adobe customers. hackers also got the source code of some products. adobe calls it a sophisticated attack. >>> we wanted to find the world's greatest lasagna recipe, so we asked the guy with the last name, costello. >> that's me. >> but it's john chandler. he claims to on the world's best lasagna and he put it on the internet with that title. more than 12 million people viewed it and more than 9 million rated it five stars. john isn't even italian. he's southern. so what makes this so popular, johnny? >> home ingredients fund in your local dress ri store or pantry. there's no trickery. you don't need a special piece of equipment. >> he said they ate it up. >> got to have ricotta cheese in there. >>> all right. state parks may be closed but there's a lot going on. >> website website news at 6 -- abc2 news at 6 starts right now. >> door locks removed after abc2 put their nose in this investigation. i'm jamie costello alongside kelly swoope. we first broke this story wednesday. sense then quick reaction from the fire
headlines. a data breech for millions of users of adobe programs and this involved stolen personal data of customers. >> let's get to bloomberg's linda bell with that and a preview of how the markets are shaping up. >> good friday morning. the s&p 500 index dropped most of the month as the government shutdown drags down. this morning, we have stock futures little changed. the question, you do use adobe system software. if you do, a hack attack you should know about. hackers stole the personal data of 3 million customers, including names and credit card numbers. it goes with the popular programs of acrobat and cold fuse. they're advising people to reset passwords and it is offering the option of enrolling in a one year complimentary credit member. i will have more details in the next hour. linda bell reports for abc7 news. back to you. >> thank you, linda. 4:37 this friday morning. >> now some national guard troops are being ca >> welcome back. 4:40 on this friday. all of us looking forward a weekend hoping jacqui can replicate what we've seen all weekend long. >> we have rumblings of ra
: leading leaving millions of consumers vulnerable. nicole: watching adobe vulnerable. you never want to hear this kind of information. you are seeing adobe stopped acting quite nicely. the attackers did remove some information of maybe 3 million adobe customers. they are working on the situation. they are not really sure what can ensue after this. it could have various adverse affects on us. we will continue to watch this. back to you. dagen: at the gulf of mexico not quiet right now. tropical storm karen. joe, what to make of this storm? also, the ve winter weather we are seeing out west. >> the storm itself is probably a two to three day disruption of normal processes in the gulf of mexico. it will not rock over in the rigs or anything like that. it will curtail what people can normally do. it does sort of put a cramp in your style, as far as the energy situation goes. it will come back online very quickly. it could stage a last second intensification here so it could get pretty close to hurricane strength. i think it will cross the extreme southeast. this will come from the southw
to trillions of dollars. bancorp south corrected the errors. >>> adobe announces this morning that they have been hacked resulting in 3 million accounts being compromised. information removed includes incrypted credit cards. >>> critics say it is another example of wasteful government spending but supporters are promoting it as the world's biggest metal construction in china. >>> warren buffett saying we will go right up to the point of extreme idiocy but we won't cross it. >>> betty nguyen will have your thursday night football and baseball playoffs. >>> with tropical storm karen headed to the gulf, what is the co costliest hurricane in u.s. history? we'll have the answer coming up next. >>> before the break we asked what is the costliest hurricane in u.s. history? is it andrew? katrina? ike? or sandy? the answer is hurricane katrina which struck the coast line of louisiana causing $108 billion in property damage and the third deadliest hurricane on record. >>> betty nguyen is here with all of the highlights. >> we are going to talk about thursday night football. buffalo takes on cleveland.
is in the silicon valley. what hackers got access to from adobe customers. >> how many americans found work in september? why the numbers will remain a mystery for now. ,, ,,,,,, a cyber-attack has exposed financial information of >>> wow, if you walk outside right now, these temperatures are very, very mild! 67 degrees in oakland. 64 in concord. and 66 degrees in san francisco. more on your weather coming up. >> and we have a big rig accident blocking lanes of east 80 near potrero so it's not in the commute direction but it is blocking two lanes of traffic. details on this and a complete look at your friday drive into work still ahead. >>> thank you, liza. it is 4:54 now. >>> a cyber attack has exposed financial information of almost 3 million adobe customers. san jose-based software maker says a hacker accessed customer names and credit and debit card numbers. they are resetting the passwords now. >>> instagram is looking to make money and that means ads are coming your way. the mobile photo sharing app says it will start showing occasional photo and video ads in the coming months. instag
. >>> mike, he needs royal farms coffee. consumer alert adobe systemswhich makes photo shop software says the are attack exposed million's private information they took names and credit card numbers to close to 3 million people. adobe says kust inners are notified and -- customers are being notified. >>> grand theft auto game should run more smoothly. they released another update to the game coming out today. the patch will fix the issues that keep players from progressing past the tutorial and supposed to keep the game from deleting characters you build. >>> two weeks after hitting the market best buy is slashing the fries for -- price for iphone 5 c from now until monday you can get it for 50 dollars you will get a 50 dollar gift card with the phone that can be applied to the $1 unhad been device and -- 100 dollar device and offer a similar deal on thesamsung s #. >>> a cans new cancer-- a new cancer center is coming to our area and fido goes to church sort of. how the maryland spca and catholic church r teaming-- are teaming up this afternoon. and only the force of nature can bring the
/3 majority. >>> considering a report adobe systems says a cyber attack exposed millions of customers private information hackers took credit card numbers and expiration dates and other names and vital information on close to 3 million users. the adobe says they are beingnotified as passwords are being reset. it's friday and they can't get along but we can. back in a bit. all the chicken in your grocery store is inspected by the usda... but perdue asked them to go further. they verify that all our chickens are cared for in a clean, safe environment... and fed an all-veggie diet. no other chicken company does this. but at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. >>> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >>> very strange side effect to the government shut down. where prisoners are being paid by people watching over them have
. >>> adobe systems says nearly 3 million customers have had their credit card information exposed to cyber hackers. officials say hackers took customers name, encrypted credit and debit card numbers and other information related to customers worldwide. the company is notifying customers and resetting passwords. officials say someone has gained illegal access to the source code of adobe products. >>> a hurricane watch is in effect for parts of the gulf coast after tropical storm karen formed in the southeastern portion of the gulf of mexico. karen is expected to reach hurricane strength by tonight. people in parts of alabama, mississippi and louisiana are being told to get ready. state of emergency has already been declared in louisiana and mississippi. officials say fema workers who have been furloughed because of the government shutdown are being called back to work to help protect life and property. >>> all right. we are all very excited here at abc 7 news for the oakland a's taking on the tigers tonight. 6:30. >> great weather. >> good by then? >> mid to upper 70s. maybe only 70 by the
illegal access to the source code of adobe pro dukts well, you probably noticed winds out there today. getting a bit stronger, sandhya patel is on top of the broadcast center. >> inland areas and hill tops affected most. we do have clear skies right now, but our live doppler 7 is tracking winds north bay mountains, santa cruz mountains all going under red flag warning starting at 6:00 p.m. tonight. gusts with humidity dropping 20% to owe owe 20 we have the straight and delta under a red flag warning and wind advisory going until locke p.m. tonight. and cheg check out fairfield 38 miles per hour we'll take a look at wind gusts expected heading closer to weekend. and let you know how much of a warm up we're expecting with this wind when i come back. >> thank you. >> san francisco police continue to look for witnesses for last week's fatal stabbing of a dodgers fan. the district attorney dropped charges after he blamed self-defense during a fight. coming up laura anthony talks to the brother of the victim who speaks for the first time on what happened that horrible night. >> a vigil bein
. >>> adobe is syping a warning -- is sending a warning to three million customers. the san jose company says user names, pass words, credit card numbers and other personal information was compromised. >>> today there is a job fair for a new and unusual restaurant in concord. the lazy dog is under construction. it is scheduled to open late next month. the restaurant is looking for 200 workers. people interested in working at the dog friendly cafe can interview at a center set up just outside of the restaurants location. just off of interstate 680. >>> 4:52 is the time. cakes to the way -- changes to the way police investigate crashes. >>> and a big surprise during construction of the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. the reason more fans could attend the games come next season. >>> more than 100 people attended a memorial yesterday evening for a mother who was run over and killed in a san francisco park. the husband of christie spoke publicly for the first time about the death. >> my wife dying has changed my world. the support is really what makes this possible for me. >> the victim's family
in asia, but canceled because of the shutdown. adobe is resetting customer pass words after the company was attacked by hackers. they gained credit card information and other personal data of nearly 3 million people. >>> there's a unique exhibition at the international center of photograph here in new york city. it's called jfk a bystander's view of history. it focuses on the assassination. it shows out amateur photography captured that day. the exhibit runs until january 19th. >>> good afternoon. we continue to monitor a winter storm that's actually pushing across wyoming into south dakota and even brought a bit of snow across portions of colorado. take a look at the map here where you see the pink and blue culminating. that's mixed precipitation. folks traveling from rapid city down into cheyenne. there is a lot of energy in the atmosphere and all of it is pushing towards the east. as a result, take a look at the map here as we continue to push into the afternoon. it is going to cool down quite a bit across omaha. between these two air masses, that's where the instability is the great
in just a little bit. >> thank you. we have an alert for adobe customers. the firm said it suffered a huge security breach which passwordsd the id's and credit card information of nearly 3 million customers. customers are being asked to change their passwords. >> we are learning more details about the twitter growth and two at 800 page ipo filing. the company plans to trade under the ticker symbol twtr and it should happen before thanksgiving. the market value could be as high as $20 billion. that does not mean it is profitable. it suffered a loss of over $419 million since its inception. >> track work will cause delays on metro again this weekend. trains on the orange and green line will operate at regular weekend intervals except at the greenbelt station. trains will arrive in the part there every 20-25 minutes. buses will replace trains on the metro red line between dupont circle and gallaudet. there will be track work on the blue and yellow line so expect delays and metro is investing ¥5.50 dollars to up date systems. >> coming up, how tropical storm karen is changing some
. >> adobe systems, which makes all shot and other software says a cyber attack on its system has exposed credit card information on nearly 3 million customers. >> the attacker is said to have access customers' names and corrected credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and other information related to orders. >> adobe says customers are being notified and password are being reset perry >> apple plans a new massive new campus in silicon valley are moving forward. >> this is an artistic rendering of what it will look like the main building will be running shaped and have more than 2.8 million square feet of space. >> the cupertino planning commission endorsed the project this week. >> it now goes on to the full city council which is expected to vote on it october the 15th. >> temperatures will be one tomorrow back in the '80s. >> 76 to march in san francisco. >> it will continue to warm as we head into the weekend. >> sunday will be pretty warm which will be good for the raiders a game in oakland appeared >> if you don't go to the game can get here on kron4. >> coming up san franci
engineer adobe is alerting people that hackers accessed their information. user names, pass words was all compromised. adobe is alerting computer openers. hackers also accessed pass words to mass programs. >>> we're also getting a look at the inner workings of twitter. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in san jose with what those ipo documents have revealed, maureen. >> reporter: frank for the past three hours we've been going through the lengthy document that twitter filed with the fcc. it was confidential until today. >> i have 291 followers. >> reporter: 24-year-old liz trata says she checks her twitter feed about five times a day. >> i'm always on the go so i'm like always checking it. facebook i feel is a little more personal and twitter is a little bit more informative. >> reporter: this unsealed document comes three weeks after the san francisco company announced in a tweet it was going public. i shows twitter plans to use the symbol twtr and raise $1 billion. >> it is saying we essentially will gain a billion, hopefully that will go up. >> reporter: he say it is pages reveal twitter i
this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> silican valley software engineer adobe is alerting people that hackers accessed their information. user names, pass words was all compromised. adobe is alerting computer openers. hackers also accessed pass words to mass programs. >>> we're also getting a look at the inner workings of twitter. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in san jose with what those ipo documents have revealed, maureen. >> reporter: frank for the past three hours we've been going through the lengthy document that twitter filed with the fcc. it was confidential until today. >> i have 291 followers. >> reporter: 24-year-old liz trata says she checks her twitter feed about five times a day. >> i'm always on the go so i'm like always checking it. facebook i feel is a little more personal and twitter is a little bit more informative. >> reporter: this unsealed document comes three weeks after the san francisco company announced in a tweet it was going public. i shows twitter plans to use the symbol twtr and raise $1 billion. >> it is saying we essentially will
information of almost 3 million adobe customers. the san jose-based software maker says a hacker accessed customer names with debt and credit card numbers. adobe is resetting the passwords. >>> i'm anne makovec live in san rafael where people have been reporting smelling smoke from a wildfire that has been burning about 70 miles away. let's take a look at these flames burning near lake berryessa overnight near the eastern shore. that's up in napa county. it's already burned about 500 acres after the fire broke out at about 8:30 last night and spread quickly pushed to the south by strong winds. it is burning through mainly grassy areas on federal property. it's not threatening any campgrounds but it has burned some day use park space in the putah canyon recreation area. firefighters are keeping a close eye on that area today even though they have it mainly contained. there is concern about the hot spots igniting weapon these windy conditions we have been seeing. live in san rafael, anne makovec, kpix 5. >>> i'm cate caugiran live in oakland, where the strong winds here in the east bay have
life in prison if convicted. >>> new this morning, software company adobe has announced a massive security breach. the company says hackers gained access to 2.9 million accounts through a sophisticated cyber attack. customers that used i.d.s or passwords were affected. they will be notified by e-mail. hackers also illegally took copies of the company's source code from some of the company's widely-used products. >>> california has joined the growing list of states allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. governor jerry brown signed the bill in front of a cheering crowd. the bill was backed by law enforcement and insurance companies. they want to make sure that immigrants are properly trained and tested before they take to the streets. >>> it's your chance to get the cheapest iphone ever, ever, ever. where can you get one for just 50 bucks? >>> plus, new evidence in the road rage incident that involved a group of bikers and a family in their suv. this morning, the wife of the suv driver now sharing her side of the story. >>> and rough water. a soldier finds himself in
worn about hackers for adobe. the maker of the software is notifying customers and resetting passwords in response. how much do you think twitter is worth? the value is suggested at nearly $13 billion. users on instagram was start seeing ads in just a couple of months. users will be able to hide the ads they do not like. the price on the iphone is being cut. $50 buy is offering it for as long as you sign a new two- year contract with your carrier. likely created an additional 180,000 jobs last month. feelingere pretty secure about their employment situation. concern about the government shutdown did weigh on stocks yesterday. investors continue to monitor the situation in washington closely this morning. barbecue is opening its first baltimore city location later this year. today the restaurant is having a sneak peak to raise money for veterans. it will be on boston street another proceeds go to the wounded warrior project. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> good morning. very mild temperatures. close to 70 degrees downtown. we are talking august like temperatures. 84 in annapol
callender's. it's time to savor. >>> 5:38 adobe system which makes photo shop says a cyber attack on its systems exposed credit card information for close to 3 million users. the attacker is said to haveaccessed names and credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates and vital information for orders. customers are notified passwords are being reset. >>> the photographs of delicious cronuts and hundreds of self-ies will be -- selfies will be joand by advertisements over the next couple months from brands you don't always follow. it will be some ad controls for users as well so you will be able to hide ads you don't like and get feedback on those you do. it will be used to tweak the ads and lynette told. >> he what a cronut is. crow saint and -- croissant and donuts. >>-- >>> best buy is offering a dies count on iphone 5 c. the offer is good through monday so iphone 5 c now coming in at half price. >>> by now you probably seen joe flacco's commercial for mcdonald's. with collin and do other quarterbacks to see who gets the mighty wings. a stadium light goes out and qb listen and sound
? adobe systems warning nearly 3 million customers that hackers have obtained data. that includes customer names and credit and debit card numbers. the maker of the graphic design software is notifying customers and resetting passwords. twitter is getting ready for the ipo. it looks like it is going to be a get rich quick story. a new calculation says together the twitter ceo and two co- founders could be worth as much as $3.7 billion after the company's ipo. this is based on the assumption that twitter could be valued at $20 billion. as far as markets, stocks are inching higher after a rough couple of days. the dow is now trading back above 15,000. because of the partial government shutdown investors did not get the monthly jobs report from the labor department this morning. economists say the united states likely created 180,000 jobs last month. before the shutdown people were feeling pretty secure about their employment situation. workers' fears of being laid off hit a five-year low last quarter. amtrak could be the next casualty of the shutdown. already facing a pretty bleak financial
was targeted. >> a breach of security at adobe. hackers hacked into their computer system and gaining information from 2.9 million customers. hackers also got copies of the source code of some of adobe's products. the company called it a sophisticated attack and much of the stolen attack was encrypted but they reset passwords as a recaution, they said. >>> police have arrested a 22-year-old montana newlywed thursday and say she confessed to pushing her husband off a cliff just eight days after their wedding. jordan graham has been arrested. graham is due in court. her arraignment later today. >>> a new consequence for teen bullies. cut it out or face arrest. police in connecticut collared a 12-year-old for repeatedly bullying. police say the alleged victim's parents came to them after their daughter talked of suicide. the only way to prevent further problems was to step in. they say the alleged bully is more likely to face antibullying classes than to see any jail time. >>> a big relief for a kansas woman who has her mother's ashes back after they were left in a liquor shop. kathleen
computer. adobe systems makers of pdf document reader and photo shop say hackers have stolen the personal data of nearly 3 million of its customers. it includes credit cards, debit card numbers. hacker also stole part of the code that makes adobe's programs work. the company is offering free credit monitoring for affected customers. >>> twitter is revealing details about its finances ahead of its highly-anticipated public stock offering. newly-released documents show, while the company's income is soaring, it's still not profitable, losing $69 million in just the first half of this year, as it tries to grow even faster. the company hoping to raise $1 billion with its upcoming ipo. >>> and a developing story overnight from california. a wildfire erupting in the napa valley wine country. the fire big enough that people in san francisco are smelling the smoke. it's quickly spread to 750 acres, fueled by heavy winds and dry conditions that have prompted the highest-level wildfire warnings in five years. >>> also in california, a surprise during the height of rush hour. a plane making an emerg
of a man who threatened to expose the financial information of silk road users. >>> and adobe is sending a warning to about 3 million customers after hackers may have gained access to their personal information. users names, passwords and other financial information were compromised. adobe is contacting customers and offering to pay for one year of credit monitoring. >>> we are now just six days away from a strike deadline in the b.a.r.t. labor dispute. there is a new poll out that shows where the public stands in this dispute. >>> new video and information straight from the scene of yesterday's chase and shooting outside of the capitol building >>> good morning. northbound 280 as you drive up to highway 17. a little bit of slow traffic. find out why today is better than it has been the last four days. >>> it's a mild, breezy start to the day. coming up, where the winds have reached their strongest and what you can expect for your neighborhood for today and the weekend. every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ eve
. adobe, i don't want to leave this out, cyberattack. mid-august this began. this could affect three million adobe customers. personal information were compromised. they're doing all they can. they say change their password. and notifying people who may have had credit card numbers revealed. they will follow up. they have federal investigators on it as well. tracy, ashley. ashley: nicole, thanks so much. we'll be back to you at the bottom of the hour. the dow is up 71 points. tracy: case to keep laughing. busy day in the ipo world. we're not just talking about twitter. there are shares of a sandwich shop, potbelly, they're soaring today on the first day of trading. jeff flock has a closer look next. >> they're not soaring but expanding appropriately. look how the u.s. dollar is moving today. looking better today, the u.s. dollar? we'll stay on potbelly. there you go. another mixed picture. the dollar, stronger against the euro and pound which are down. canadian dollar and peso moving higher. japanese yen down a little bit against the dollar. we'll be right back. when does your work e
adobe. they've been hacked, 3 million customer accounts have been compromise, that's right, your credit card information has been exposed. not a big impact, unfortunately, maybe we've become used to these, down 1 is%. yes, there's a running theme i've already said on "varney & company" today. technology is big money, case in point, samsung. making 9.2 billion this quarter. that's just huge money on the low range of the estimates. we're talking gigantic money and samsung giving a legitimate run for the money across the board. >> what people are using especially in asia, samsung, samsung, that's where it is. the growth on 22.8% and it's massive, people are buying into it. the android systems they're using is working better i think for lot of international users, it's more seamless and the price point, that's what it comes down to. charles: the bottom line, they're making money. >> making money. there's a fear that sales will start plateauing. >> saturating the market. >> that's key for these? >> it looks like they had a miscue, that samsung watch. that thing is hideous. >> are you wearing
have been compromised. adobe says it's not sure if credit and debt card information was stolen but the company is in the process of alerting customers with information may have been seen. >>> right now in san francisco, there's a vigil for the mother struck and killed by san francisco parks and rec trucks last no. friends and loved ones are gathered where the woman was run over there at the park with her toddler. the accused driver, a city worker, was arrested and charged with vehicle manslaughter and felony hit-and-run. his husband says his daughter and he are grateful for the outpouring of support they've been receiving. >> we have received tremendous amount of help and love from so many people. >> just before his wife was run over, she was laying in the sun on the grass next to her 11-month-old daughter. the baby was not hurt. >> pregnant and labor and just left alone. shocking dog abuse investigation. >> and i'm stephen stock. tonight, we take you behind the scenes of a new effort to battle the growing problem of duis involving drugs. and we show you the loophole in current
. >> good morning. you want to check your credit card statement if you pay for adobe software. they stolen crypted d spsh spsh stole encrypted customers. they changed their pass words. older electric surge protectors in your house may be a fire hazard. snyder electric is recalling 15 million surge protectors because they could over heat. the safety consumer information got reports of those surge protectors over heating and some melting. 55 reports of melting and fire. they go under the brand name apc. the answer to the $1 million question this morning is pwpr that's the ticker symbol for twitter. it released it publically with twitter information. it doubled reaching $253 million. almost 90 percent from advertising. the number of monthly users jumped 40 percent to 215 million people who text 500 million messages daily. that's a lot of doing this, isn't it, guys? >> we know all about it. we are in that group. thank you so much, adam. >> coming up next, a dramatic highway shootout caught on an officer's dash cam. the shooting just half of the story. wait until you hear what police officers f
, a warning from adobe systems, a cyberattack exposed the credit card information of nearly 3 million customers. the attacker is said to have accessed customer names as well as credit card numbers. customers are notified and passwords are being reset. >> for investors it was one of the most anticipated days of the year. twitter made it's ipo filing thursday. it's working to raise $1 billion with the offering. if the sale is successful it will create a windfall for owners and investors alike. it will be available for purchase as early as november. >> we have two good reasons to upgrade your home's energy efficiency over the weekend. the $500 tax saving for energy upgrades expires at the end of the year. it's only available to improvements to your primary residence. >> a new study finds going for a walk could lower a woman's risk for breast cancer. researchers looked at data collected from 70,000 women over a 17 year period. they found those that vigorously exercised for an hour a day had a 25% reduced risk for breast cancer. >> an australian may have jumped his way into the record book
. >>> adobe, doing damage control this morning. hackers breached the company's computer system, accessing customer credit card info, pass words, even the source code to some of adobe's products. it doesn't look like the hackers were able to get unencrypted credit card data. >>> texas state senator wendy davis making it official, kicking off her bid for governor. she made that announcement thursday on the very same stage where she graduated from high school. davis catapulted to the national stage back in june. you might recall her one-person filibuster to block legislation restricting abortion rights in texas. that filibuster managed to delay the bill but not kill it. >>> on friday, you always need cuteness. how about this? a furry kitten found in the engine of a car in florida. the kitty ran around the shopping center looking for another hood to hide ever. a good samaritan caught the little one and now the police and apparently local shelter are trying to find this little kitten, a brave kitten, a new hole. not happy right there. why are you grabbing me? leave me alone. >>> we'll take a b
police would like to hear from you. >>> adobe system says nearly 3 million customers have had their credit card information exposed to cyber hackers. hackers took customer names, encrypted credit and debit card numbers and other information related to orders from customers worldwide. the company is notifiesing customers and resetting passwords and officials say someone has gained illegal access to the source code of products. >> normally that 15 minutes from now we would be giving you the monthly unemployment report, right. but the government shutdown is robbing investors of that. >> here's jane king with that and more in this morning's bloomberg business report. >> reporter: no more ad-free instagram, parent company facebook says users will start seeing ads within a couple months. facebook says there won't be many ads and its users will be able to hide the ones they don't like and the new iphone 5c hasn't been on sale a month and already the price is being cut. best buy offering the 16 gigabyte 5c for $50 after a gift card as long as you sign a new two-year contract with your
louisiana to florida. adobe systems says hacker accessed data for nearly three million of its customers. they are changing passwords now. instagram plans to introduce ads in the coming months. sinead o'connor wrote an open letter to miley cyrus warning not to let the music industry exploit hurt. and tgif. follow us on tweeter @cbssf. >> tgif is my favorite. i think i'm going to put that on my twitter account right now. >> i think i will, too. why not? good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the friday commute. no major problems out there except for this one accident still in richmond. eastbound i-80 approaching central a big rig accident is being cleared up from two lanes of traffic. so far since it's counter- commute it's not doing much to slow down that drive. checking on the 580/680 commute on a normal weekday you can count on slow traffic at this hour. but it is "friday light." we even had an accident on the altamont pass. that's been cleared up. and west 580 still looks okay between the 205 interchange approaching the dublin interchange. now, the weather is affecting tr
for the nyse. the nasdaq has intel, cisco, apple, microsoft, adobe. but coming up with really strong tech names like linkedin, pandora and yelp. but for twitte twitter this coue the new home. tracy: davis, would you be nervous going public? david: you have to be careful what you wish for. twitter might turn out to be as much of a disaster as facebook. they may go through that whole problem again about pricing. >> one disaster is all my gosh, ipo stock down, not up. the other disaster what i wanted to trade the stocks, i was unable to trade it at all. that figure is why they will not get twitter. charles: the new york stock exchange gets twitter, they will be happy like somebody hitting the lottery. you were able to other convocations later. mastectomy is a change in leadership. no doubt about it. somebody needs to sit down and say we might need a new guy. at the very top. this will be the final straw in my mind because nasdaq was synonymous with one thing, the hottest technology stocks always listed there. the new trend is disastrous for nasdaq. dennis: yet the technology of the ipo. charles: i
. facebook stock up a tenth of 1%. >>> adobe systems say it was the victim of a so phisticated cybe attack by hackers who stole the source code to some of its most popular programs. the company believes the hackers got access to i.d.s and encry encrypted passwords from 2.9 million mill customers. france has passed a law in an effort to protect local customers. france has passed a law in an effort to protect local bookstores.n customers. france has passed a law in an effort to protect local bookstores. stefane, is this the long arm of government probing too far into international business or is this a just filed move to protect the small guy? >> they claim it has nothing to do with large internet companies, just a way to protect small independent book shops. we had the same debate more than 30 years ago in france when a single price was introduced to the books and when you buy your book, find it way cheaper if you go online or go to some retailers. but with free delivery offered by moth online shores, traditional book shops claim they are facing unfair competition and the pric
. >> twitter has 215 million monthly active users. >> a big company has been hacked. adobe said thieves stole the source code of some of the company's products. it's investigating the breach and doesn't know of any risks to consumers. >> getting back to twitter, because that's a really intriguing story, reminds me of when facebook was coming out with this i.p.o. how much is twitter actually worth. that's the billion dollars question, right? >> literally. also a company is worth what investors will pay for it. based on twitter's filing documents, it believes that it is worth between nine and $13 billion. in the first six months of this year, it's revenue action doubled to $254 million. there's an argument to be made for its value. >> they have not said which market they are going to trade on. they have options. >> yeah. >> what do we know about that? >> everybody is pointing to facebook's i.p.o., technical issues delayed trading, so to be clear, both the nasdaq and new york stock exchange could make very good markets for the company's share, to be clear. historically, the nasdaq has been assoc
phone company wanted to build a 78-foot cell phone tower near adobe road. in exchange the city would get $2200 a month. a lot of neighbors oppose the tower. now the state says pin nome would violate -- pinole would violate terms of the grant if the land is used for anything but recreation and verizon is threatening to sue if the deal does not go through. >>> the family of a murder victim accuses a san diego judge of improper behavior. the defendant, danny despro, was found guilty of first- degree murder. two weeks ago, judge patricia cookson sentenced him to 53 years to life. afterwards, she cleared the court and presided over the wedding of him and his fiancee. photos appeared on social media showing photos of him and his hands uncuffed. the judge is accused of making him a cake. >> why would the judge do that? you know -- i'm lost for words. >> >> the defense attorney believes the judge was hoping the defendant, who has a long history of violence, would cause less trouble in prison. >>> 8:26. a little girl missing for the past 25 years. why police in pinole have reopened the amber gar
. adobe says hackers have stolen source code. they've been investigating the breach and says it has no evidence that it resulted in any attacks, at least so far. >>> the government shutdown leading to a void of economic numbers for investors to divest this week including the closely watched jobs number. let's get perspective from a former fed insider. joining us right now is al broaddus. al, thank you for being here today. we're worried about the jobs number thinking about those things, but more importantly, what do you think about what's happening with the debt ceiling debate? is this a situation that you think will resolve itself? >> well, i think, you know, it has to, becky, at some point. you folks were saying earlier today, you know, you can live with the government shutdown for a while. even that, you know, after a week and a half, two weeks or so gets to be a big problem. but a debt ceiling can really have catastrophic results. that's got to be resolved. exactly when, i suppose is the question. the treasury will have some cash, i think $30 billion is the estimate on october 1
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